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Where kids books & crafts come together to inspire a love of reading!

Where kids books & crafts come together to inspire a love of reading!

Bear & Bud Book Club is a monthly subscription book + crafts box curated to inspire a child's love of reading through book-themed craft kits and activities.

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"Picture books" with engaging illustrations and meaningful messages about foundational themes like friendship, kindness, and feelings.

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"Chapter books" that excite but not intimidate. A great balance of text, illustration and white space to help growing readers decode text and build fluency.

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For "independent readers" ready for more text on the page, plot development, and complex characters. Great to read on their own, but also perfect for book clubs!

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Why pair books and crafts?

Why pair books and crafts?

They go so perfectly together! Plus, they extend the fun of each book included in every box! Our Founder, a certified Literacy Specialist, and our team of educators curate high-interest books that kids (and their grown ups) will have fun reading each month. We then dream up a pre-reading and after reading craft, inspired by the book - with enough supplies to be done twice! Each box also includes a beautifully designed trifold Activity Guide with discussion questions to help guide a fun and engaging chat before, during, and after reading. And because reading & crafting make any kid hungry, we also include an easy-to-follow, book themed snack recipe! That’s a lot of awesome in one box, right?

Created by Educators, Kid Approved

"I love that it gives our kids an opportunity to experience reading as something that’s fun to do."

– Rebecca, Irvington, NY

“I don’t hate reading anymore!”

– 1st grade reader, Larkspur, CA

"It’s cool that the crafts we do always go with the book we read."

– 3rd grade reader, LA, CA

"I loved hosting a Bear & Bud Book Club playdate. It was really refreshing to have something easy and thoughtful to do with the kids!"

– Tara, Philadelphia, PA