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Gift Guide 2017

Gift Guide 2017

Think outside the toy box!

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Choose a box based on your child’s reading level.

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Inspire your children with boxes that include: a hand-picked book, activity guide, plus materials for two book-themed crafts.
Join the Bear and Bud community to find events in your town and follow along on @Bearandbudbookclub for tips and ideas.


What's Inside a Box?

What's Inside a Box?

Created by Educators, Kid Approved

"I love that it gives our kids an opportunity to experience reading as something that’s fun to do."

– Rebecca, Irvington, NY

“I don’t hate reading anymore!”

– 1st grade reader, Larkspur, CA

"It’s cool that the crafts we do always go with the book we read."

– 3rd grade reader, LA, CA

"I loved hosting a Bear & Bud Book Club play date. It was really refreshing to have something easy and thoughtful to do with the kids!"

– Tara, Philadelphia, PA