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Choose a box based on your child’s reading level.

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Inspire your children with boxes that include: a hand-picked book, activity guide, plus materials for two book-themed crafts.
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What's Inside a Box?

What's Inside a Box?
Karen is the founder of Bear & Bud Book Club. Originally from Chicago, with the accent to prove it, she currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two kids. She is a certified literacy specialist, educator, who has taught grades 7-12 at public and independent schools in New York City, Chicago, and LA, and is currently Dean of Students. She uses her knowledge about literacy education to personally pick every book for Bear & Bud.

Created by Educators, Kid Approved

"I love that it gives our kids an opportunity to experience reading as something that’s fun to do."

– Rebecca, Irvington, NY

“I don’t hate reading anymore!”

– 1st grade reader, Larkspur, CA

"It’s cool that the crafts we do always go with the book we read."

– 3rd grade reader, LA, CA

"I loved hosting a Bear & Bud Book Club play date. It was really refreshing to have something easy and thoughtful to do with the kids!"

– Tara, Philadelphia, PA