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Where kids, books & activities come together to inspire a love of reading!

Where kids, books & activities come together to inspire a love of reading!

Bear & Bud Book Club is a subscription book + activities box curated to inspire a child's love of reading through book-themed craft kits and activities.

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"Picture books" with engaging illustrations and meaningful messages about foundational themes like friendship, kindness, and feelings.

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"Chapter books" that excite but not intimidate. A great balance of text, illustration and white space to help growing readers decode text and build fluency.

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For "independent readers" ready for more text on the page, plot development, and complex characters. Great to read on their own, but also perfect for book clubs!

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Why pair books and crafts?

Why pair books and crafts?

Karen started Bear and Bud as a way to keep her daughter’s enthusiasm for reading alive during the summer months when school was not in session. As an experienced educator and literary specialist, Karen had a hunch that the best way to help kids connect with books is to make reading a social activity by including crafts and snacks to sweeten the deal. And she was right—now, two years later, her daughter hasn’t missed a single Bear and Bud meeting with her friends!

Created by Educators, Kid Approved

"I love that it gives our kids an opportunity to experience reading as something that’s fun to do."

– Rebecca, Irvington, NY

“I don’t hate reading anymore!”

– 1st grade reader, Larkspur, CA

"It’s cool that the crafts we do always go with the book we read."

– 3rd grade reader, LA, CA

"I loved hosting a Bear & Bud Book Club playdate. It was really refreshing to have something easy and thoughtful to do with the kids!"

– Tara, Philadelphia, PA